My jewelry is an expression of myself: my jewels have passion, and have feelings. Energy and love flowing through myself when I work get transmitted to each piece at the time of creation to finally flow into the wearer; this is the reason why every creation of mine is unique just like every person is, unique like every single one of us. Generating emotions is fascinating to myself: contrast between materials and shapes tells about opportunities lying hidden in things. Generating surprise is fascinating to myself: movement and colors weaving together reveal tension between emotion and rationality, and involve imagination and fantasy.

plexiglass jewels

From authentic Murano glass, Fernando Betto gives birth to contemporary artistic jewelry creations. These jewels possess special features making them original: kinetic components, combination between different materials, colors matching, dynamic shape of supporting frame.

glass jewels

Personal wish to both transforming shapes with fun and setting wearer’s imagination free bring Lego jewels to life. All Lego contemporary jewels are unique art works, totally handmade by goldsmith Fernando Betto.

lego jewels

"In motion" Betto’s jewels are the result of daily experimentation and accurate observation of materials. Movement makes colors to be far different from the way they look in classical jewelry. Being kinetic allows elements of these modern jewels to turn shadows into light and shapes into expression of wearer’s mood. All contemporary moving jewels are unique art works, entirely handmade by goldsmith Fernando Betto. Through threaded pins, brackets and adjustable steel screws, Betto gives life to kinetic jewelry, showing skills within mechanics that lead to the highest precision of movements.

kinetic jewels

Fernando Betto loves shifting materials his jewels are made of. Dealing with wood is challenging. Fine wood used by Fernando Betto is very hard and strong and gets forged in harmony with precious or semi-precious materials. Curved lines and engravings, warm and dark shades make wooden jewels be modern and contemporary jewelry.

wood jewels

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metal jewels